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Older help files will not run on Win10 and there is no Winhlp32 for Windows 10. Here is the solution that I found online and it works.

Older help files will not run on Win10 and there is no Winhlp32 for Windows 10. Here is the solution that I found online and it works.

Although it is doubtful that you will need to do this, I have done it on my Win10 laptop so I can run the help files for Just Basic, as I am learning to program this way at this time.

It is my understanding that some older programs that people use to program will not display the help files (.hlp) and it is recommended that they upgrade their software/programs to meet the new ‘standards’ for M$. Because some of these programs/software isn’t upgradable yet useful, or upgrading for more $$$$ isn’t an option, here is the fix:

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I have copied/pasted the instructions here directly from that site. If you prefer, follow from there if in doubt. I claim NO CREDIT for this. I found the instructions from the above link and followed them – it worked. No issues.

Also, a note: I don’t have drive D on my computer as that is my recovery drive so I used drive C to place my TEMP file. I also was too lazy to get the winhlp32.exe from my old Toshiba so I downloaded a copy from this link:

Here are the instructions:

How to read an old “.hlp file (*)” on Windows 10 (x64, or, x86)
(*): The “.hlp file” must be read, without any problem, on Windows XP, 2000, ME, or, 98/98SE.
The following is a procedure to be able to read an old “.hlp file” on Windows 10 (x86).
(1) First, get the winhlp32.exe existing in the Windows directory of Windows XP (x86).
(2) Make a temporary folder (for example D:\TEMP) on the HDD of Windows 10 (x86).
(3) Copy the winhlp32.exe (obtained by the #(1) step) into the temporary folder D:\TEMP.
(4) Make a file, named Win10-Hlp32-Fix.cmd, by using the text editor.
All of the contents of the file (Win10-Hlp32-Fix.cmd) are as follows;
@echo off
set crtpth=%CD%
takeown /f “%windir%\winhlp32.exe” >nul
icacls “%windir%\winhlp32.exe” /grant *S-1-5-32-544:F >nul
copy /y “%crtpth%\winhlp32.exe” %windir%
icacls “%windir%\winhlp32.exe” /setowner “NT Service\TrustedInstaller” >nul
echo Done.
echo Press any key to Exit
pause >nul
(5) Therefore, you can find two files (winhlp32.exe and Win10-Hlp32-Fix.cmd) in the D:\TEMP.
(6) Open the Command Prompt window, by selecting “Run as administrator.”
(7) Then, move the prompt to the D:\TEMP directory, by using Change Directory (CD)command.
(8) Under this condition, execute the Win10-Hlp32-Fix.cmd command in the D:\TEMP directory.
(9) After the completion of this execution, you can read an old “.hlp file” on Windows 10 (x86).

Also, remember to use a text editor like Notepad so it won’t insert any hidden characters like Wordpad, Word and other word processing type programs. I also copied and pasted the lines from “@echo off –> through –> exit” to ensure that it contained no typos in the code.

Love and light to all!

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