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puff·er·y [puhf-uh-ree]

noun, plural puff·er·ies.

1. undue or exaggerated praise.
2. publicity, acclaim, etc., that is full of undue or exaggerated praise.

We all know someone like this. You talk about anything, and I mean an-y-thing and they have seen it or done it ten times what you or anyone else as seen or done … no matter what you are talking about.

Them: How was your day?
You: Busy busy. Unhappy, try my patience, customers all day long.

wait for it, wait for it…

Them: You think you had a busy day, I… (fill in with the most dramatic over-blown description of their day, and of course their life thrown in for good measure).
You: –silence because you will not be able to speak again for at least the next 15 minutes. Like you would want to talk with them after that.

I’m not talking about someone who gets excited about their life or an event. We may not understand why they are so excited about the topic, but hey, get excited with them. It means something to them. I’m talking about the one-up shit that turns an everyday conversation into a competition.

I am not a competitive person. I only compete with myself to do better today than I did yesterday – or at least not worse!

I’m sorry that you had to walk 10 miles, uphill both ways, in the driving snow/rain to work or school every day of your life. I didn’t because, well, I’m smart enough to either catch a ride or have a few days (like a weekend) off from school or work.

I’m sorry that you have to work out in the heat or cold. I couldn’t hack it, so I work at jobs that I can actually tolerate my work environment and enjoy what I do more times than I hate it.

I’m sorry that you had a suck-ass childhood, but you survived it and now that you are all grown up you can control who does what around or to you.

You can puff yourself up as big as you want, but I am not afraid or impressed by you. That smile on my face isn’t awe of you. It is pity and amusement. Puffery is driven by low self-esteem, fear and arrogance (yes, arrogance is based on fear). You become, in my mind, one of these guys below…

800px-Tomato_FrogBarking Treefrog (Hyla gratiosa)
Fully inflated for calling.
Taken at 17 Frog Pond in Scotland Co., NC on May 14, 2004.hedgehogowl_threat_displayporcupine-fish-info0

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