Head Cold

Not a good thing to have. I am really ready to stop sneezing like crazy and my nose to quit running – which it wants to do at night when I’m ready to sleep.

I’m giving Rudolph a run for his title, and my lips are definitely not inviting for a kiss – like you’d want to kiss me right now anyway!

The bestest part is trying to get ready to go to work. All I want to do is crawl on the couch, wrap myself in a blanket and snuggle with my box of Kleenex. Thank goodness for Dayquil! I can half decently function (okay, kill the sarcasm about how well I function anyway) and not sneeze on everyone I come in contact with today! I am also grateful that it isn’t contagious. I do have bills to pay. Can’t pay those if I don’t earn money.

Therapy sucks. Well, it doesn’t but it does. I am finding out so much about myself that I can and want to change. Life is good. Life can be awesome if I let it be awesome.

Note: if you pray that God will open your eyes, brace yourself!

Off to really start the day! Have a great one! I will, for sure!