Update: Dog Days

Update: Dog Days

Things have quieted down around here where the dogs are concerned. I don’t know one thing that I’ve done, but can name several.

One, I have resorted to the airsoft pistol that I use on the dogs. For the most part I have used it by shooting my garbage cans (metal) and that scares dogs off, and have also used it as a training tool for my own dogs. For example, Molly likes to dig out under the fence. Hard to do with the new fence I have now, but … to keep her from digging I would pop her in the butt with it when I would catch her digging.

Its like a belt in a way so I also just show it to her when she isn’t minding and coming in when I call her.

I have begun popping the neighbor dogs in the butt with it when they come up to the fence and aggravate my girls. Unfortunately, when I pull it out and Molly sees it, she automatically runs and hides thinking she is doing something wrong. Usually into the house and behind the recliner or behind my bed.

Okay, another thing that I’ve worked on is teaching the girls that when the other dogs come up it isn’t a reason to get riled up. They usually are just walking up to see the girls, the girls get upset and defensive and then there is fights through the fence. Not good.

I have noticed that the neighbors have begun to pay attention to the leash laws around here due to the property owner handing out a list of do’s and don’ts regarding living here. I personally am breaking a few of those rules and need to find work so I can rectify these things – ie: I don’t have a back porch. I don’t even have steps at my back door. For me it is a safety issue, but it is a requirement here. I like not having an easy access into my home via the back, yet I also understand it is a safety issue for me being able to get out easily if needed.

I have noticed that some neighbors are keeping their dogs penned, chained or leashed while out. Not just leashed, but someone holding the end of the leash LOL.

The latter being funny since for awhile many dogs were running around with leashes and no one at the other end.

I can’t imagine trying to leash up my girls. They are not leash trained and much stronger than me – hence the pen.

I don’t know whether or not the bitch (referring to a mother dog, not being vulgar or cruel) is out of season now or has been fully knocked up. Unfortunately it is probably the latter.

So its quiet in the neighborhood. So very nice. The highlight of my dog days now is that the puppy of the bitch above is bored out of his skull and is currently trying to dig up a tree that was planted a few summers ago.

Peace and quiet. Such a blessed thing. I am grateful.

Love and light to all!

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