On The First Day Of Christmas

Don’t ask, just a line that popped in my head. I’m not sure why since I have no true love to remind me of this song and it is going to be a scorcher today (it’s only May) and nowhere near the time when we celebrate Christmas. I am stating the obvious, obviously.

Oh, I know why I was thinking of Christmas. I was thinking back to things I’ve actually asked for when asked the question “what do you want for Christmas”. I was thinking back on what I would ask for today and it would be weird things like:

  • Two (2) 16×20 a/c filters
  • A tank full of gas in my car
  • A filter for my Britta water pitcher

Yeah, strange list, huh? I feel silly most times when I think about these things because there are people that don’t have a roof over their heads much less a HVAC unit that requires filter, don’t have a car to require fuel or even a place to store a water pitcher much less a desire to filter water. In hindsight, I can definitley see a need to filter walter for the latter.

My train of thought is so weird right now. Amazing is how much wierder it has gotten. The key is money. Money to purchase these things. I started to type I need a job. That isn’t true. I haven’t had a job in awhile now and the world hasn’t tilted on its axis so it isn’t a ‘need’, money is the need. Then I think about where that money goes. It goes to buy those things I listed. So basically it boils down to I need those things. I need things. Then again, those aren’t needs. They just make life easier and help maintain what you already have. They are a means to an end. Like a job. Yet, it never ends does it?

You have to buy stuff to maintain the stuff you already have, not just to buy more stuff to maintain.

I saw a sign on a window in a business that said they were hiring. I didn’t put in an application because I was on a ‘date’. I agreed to meet this guy at Starbucks for coffee. Starbucks wasn’t open. Huh? So we walked down a few businesses and had pizza instead. 

Back to the sign…

I wondered if my old and quirky body could handle working in a restaurant again. It would something I have done before and I enjoyed it. Money isn’t that great yet anything is better than nothing, right? Then my thoughts go back to Starbucks not being open. Is it worth the time and effort to try at the pizza joint. I realize that it was equipment failure that closed Starbucks yet I also see how rapidly my town is growing and the trouble they’ve had with it all. I’m not talking about the increase in traffic, wrecks and crime but the lack of employees willing to work. 

I’ve gone into Burger King to find only 2 or 3 people on staff during a busy time. Errors are made and possibly from being overwhelmed from being understaffed food is served raw, undercooked or just put together wrong. Who has time to train anyone when they are having to work/train on the fly. Equipment failure enough to close an entire business, not just a part of it? Who is minding the stores? 

Being the questioner I am, I am wondering if I should be grateful that I didn’t get the job that I was told I had because of … ??? 

The store is opening and closing at random times. Is the main office trying to refigure the staff, assessing the value of the store, is it possible that because of the staffing problems will I be walking into a literal retail nightmare or worse case scenerio the possibility of them closing down the store all together.

Anyhoo, I do want to say this much about my ‘date’. It was nice, yet I don’t think it will go any further. Not him, just me. I mainly want to point out that if you are in Princeton Proper and want some amazing pizza (we had the Hawaiian Surprise) that is affordable and oh so good, go to Palio’s on 380 across from Walmart. The staff is kind and smiling (sincerely smiling from their eyes or as the spiritual would say – all the way from their liver), clean and well organized.

Off to put in more applications and write a 5 star review on yelp for Palio’s.

Love and light to all!

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