Old(er) Person Perspective

I think they keep me at work just to have the older person’s perspective on things.

I think they keep me at work just to have the older person’s perspective on things. I don’t mind, heaven knows the world needs an old look at new things.

Currently I’m testing out some new technology. New for me anyway. A smartphone that isn’t a Blackberry, an android tablet, an UP band by Jawbone, and an application on my phone that, well, I haven’t really figured that out since I just installed it.

I love learning new things. Unfortunately things, especially technology, changes as quickly as it comes out. It gets improved on as soon as it is improved. It can be overwhelming at times.

Busy-Day-PlannerI used a Blackberry for years. Not because it was the “in” phone or because I was a business person in need of organizing. I was a mother of four children that couldn’t remember where she stuck her day planner half the time and needed to keep up with everyone’s activities, schedules and appointments.

They didn’t make a day planner that was small enough to carry with you and still have room to write everything down. Sticky notes were always attached to the pages and they would get super thick in a few months so carrying a planner with a full year of pages was impossible.

This leg of my techno-journey then started with a Palm (non-color). Then I combined my Palm with my cellphone – enter the Treo. And yes, I had the huge grey phone first and then the smaller white one later, and the keyboard that attached to the PalmPilot.

060321_PalmPilot_vmed.widecpilotwithkeyboard    +    cellphones-thenandnow-thumb     =   treo

I simply LOVED the Treo. Coolest phone ever. Period, until it became buggy and then it was a love/hate relationship. Of course the techo-bug had me and when they came out with the Centro I fell for it.


This phone was NOT for someone who has ‘fat’ fingers. I never could master typing on it and the screen was too small to work totally with the stylus. Enter…the Blackberry.

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  1. I love my Android phone…but there are some things I would enjoy about an iPhone. May take the plunge next upgrade time…but maybe not. 🙂

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