Just A Rewrite

I didn’t want to call this a new chapter in my life. Its the same chapter but I didn’t like the way it was panning out so I’m just rewriting it to suit me. I seem to work problems in my life backwards. I don’t always know what I want, yet do know what I don’t want. It isn’t always that easy because everything isn’t black and white or 

I was unhappy in my job. I loved the job I did, the company I worked for and my co-workers. However, there were some practices and actions that I could not live with or tolerate. 

I exhausted my ability to gain understanding through communicating with those involved and came to the conclusion that each day felt like someone handing me their beer saying “here, hold this while I try this” and then getting mad at me when it didn’t pan out like they thought it would AND got angry with me because their beer wasn’t cold anymore when they asked for it back. And yes, I would continue to hold the “beer” because it apparently was my new job title.

At that point I followed my heart and left. Just left. I wasn’t angry, sad or emotional. It wasn’t dramatic and I wasn’t trying to make a statement. It was time. 

I didn’t go into a depression after. I wasn’t jumping for joy after. It literally was as simple as choosing what to wear that day. I knew that it would be okay, that I would be okay because this ‘outfit’ was not for me. 

So begins the rewrite. And it is a rough draft, a very rough draft.

Love and light to all!

Author: bcnaat

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