I Don’t Get It

I can’t get my passport right now, or possibly ever. I don’t qualify for a passport. Strange, I was joking with my roommate about this earlier this month. “Yeah, I probably can’t get that thing because I’m adopted.”

Apparently that was truth. Let me be more specific, I can’t due to some specific information missing off my birth certificate. Not because I am adopted, because of the information missing alone – which can happen when you are adopted. 

So here is all the random, Kay’s brain is going 900 mph deal:

Let’s see, Texas adoption procedures are designed to protect the natural parents, adopting parents and the adopted child. In Texas, not sure of today but at the time my adoption took place, the adoptive parents could change the birthdate of the child they adopted 1 year prior all the way to 1 year after the child’s actual birth. This means I could have been born in late 1960 or early 1963. Was my birthdate on my birth certificate the date they adopted me or the actual day I was born? Was I really adopted at 3 days old? Luckily I do have family that is still around that might be able to help me with this – although that isn’t what I am looking for – I need missing information to get my passport not find my natural parents.

I already located, by accident, a 1st cousin. Possibly even my birth mother – who passed away years ago. Is that crazy DNA test I took going to help me or confuse me. That is a question, one of many.

Along with the letter stating that I don’t have sufficient proof of citizenship for passport purposes I received a form that I can use to find certified census information. Awesome. I get to shell out another $65 for this search. I could use Ancestry myself to glean this information yet apparently I need a authorized source to find this information to assure that it isn’t altered.

I could get all depressed and whiney and shit over this. You have probably heard others that are adopted moan and groan about how they weren’t loved, their real parents didn’t want them, yada yada, gag and choke.

I wasn’t, and still aren’t one of them. I didn’t even notice until recently that there was missing information on my birth certificate. Specifically the birth hospital and delivering doctor are what is missing. 

I did locate this card that my mom had given me years ago. Its a birth registration card. I am guessing that my birth date is probably true or close since the file date on this thing is four days after my birthday, the one I celebrate and the issue date is many months later, as in 8. 

Hmm, mom mentioned that she had a file for me if I decided to look for my birth mother and in it was a number that I would need. This card has a numer on it. Maybe she had forgotten that she had given this card to me years and years ago. No, that can’t be it because if I am not mistaken the certificate number is the same on the card as it is my birth certificate – which has not been returned to me yet after filing for my passport. Anyhoo, that number/file mom referred to is missing. After her death my brother looked for it and couldn’t locate it. 

So, when people tell me to get off my dream butt and make them reality, this is one of the reasons I don’t. It’s expensive and usually doesn’t pan out in my favor. Not just because they are difficult but not possible – for me anyway. 

I will call the number off the depressing letter and explain my situation and see if they have ideas on how to resolve this that doesn’t cost me a small fortune or the rest of my sanity. I am pretty sure there are others that have encountered this.

So Italy is one hold as is visiting Mexico or Canada. I can go those places but I won’t be able to get back home. 

Love and light to all!

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