I Am A Liar In My Own Bed

I am also a writer in the shower. 

I know I am not the only one. I lay in bed and think of all the things I am going to accomplish tomorrow. Hit the floor running with a smile on my face and hit this list hard and heavy. You know, get ‘er done kind of motivation going there – then morning comes.

Most mornings I can’t say I don’t want to get out of my nice warm bed, it is more like can I even get out of this thing without hurting myself. Now that it is cold in the house the dogs sleep in the bed with me. By morning I am so tangled up in the linens from shifting around the dead beat dogs that I am fighting my way out of the linens and at times trying to get the dogs to move because they’ve got me tied down in them. 

I want to make the bed as soon as I get up but look at the chaos and think, oh hell, coffee first. I walked into the kitchen this morning and my roommate shot me a ‘look’. Hair is everywhere and my eyes are barely open. “Not hungover, slept in my makeup.” I peel my eyelashes apart so I can see to make the coffee. I go into the bathroom to assess the hair. Yep, this is why I use to wear it short. I don’t care how I wear my hair to bed, it always looks like I was rode hard and put up wet in the morning.

I brush out the hair and bind it back in a pony tail, wash my face and brush my teeth. Head back into the kitchen for the elixer of life and I am still sitting here drinking coffee in my robe and pajamas. It is 10a. I am trying to remember all those things I planned to do today while drifting off to sleep last night. 

I believe there were pine shavings and a visit to the library were involved in those plans but for the life of me I can’t remember the actual plans. I probably should deal with the pine shavings first thing. It is suppose to rain today but I am not awake enough, which is possibly the best time, to deal with cleaning out and bagging up the dog pen. I also think that part of the plan is to start exercising when I get up in the morning.  Ooops, maybe when I finish this blog post.

Sheesh, I really dislike not having routines other than the ones I have in place. I hate not being organized anymore, especially when I spend so much time looking for my silly hair elastics (I have like a gazillion) so I can get my hair contained. Everything use to have a home and was in that home when it wasn’t being used.

Then there are the questions that I want answers to first thing in the morning. Like, why was Krissy sick last night? Why did Krissy get bitten by Molly yesterday evening. Her poor nose. Why the “f” is Molly biting Krissy again? Why is my printer on? Why does Siri wake me up in the middle of the night asking me how she can help me? Do I talk in my sleep now? What is that smell? What is that noise? If I take down the tree am I going to be wearing glitter again today? Is it going to rain/sleet today? Do I need to run errands right now? Sheesh, this brain of mine goes 900mph in the morning, nowhere in particular but everywhere. Do I need to get unlimited data on my phone and score a hotspot or just keep adding data to my phone so I can hotspot it instead. How do I go through so much blasted data on my phone when I rarely hotspot my phone? Why did I not turn on the humidifier last night, yet again, so now I am electricuting myself on everything I touch, including the dogs? Wonder if that is what is wrong with my phone? Why can’t I turn the wifi off on my phone and it stay off? I don’t have wifi at the house and it keeps messing with my cell reception. I am, simply put, not an iPhone user as most things that go sideways are user error and I am the error prone user with this thing. I do okay with the iPad but the phone? Nope.

Okay, I am possibly still on a sugar high from this weekend. Any more sugar in this body and I could possibly see sound. As cool as that sounds, I don’t think that would be a good thing.

Now I am off to get in the shower where I will come up with some awesome dialogue for my book that I will forget as soon as I sit at the keyboard and some great blog topics that I will forget while drying off.

Molly is trying to climb under the recliner. Is it a lizard or a mouse? Could be a snake, hope not. Another thing on my list of things to do: seal up the house again.

Love and light to all!

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