Holiday Blues

I know I’ve fallen in the trap of getting upset with people who are hateful or sad this time of year. I have to remind myself that this is not only a stressful time, it is also an emotion packed time of year. 

Please remember that you don’t know what is going on in their lives. We are “suppose” to be happy and joyful yet life is still happening to everyone. Financial issues, being jobless, loss of loved ones, dying loved ones, abusive spouses, abusive parents, abusive children, crime, murder and …. all of these things don’t disappear this time of year just because it is the holiday season. 

Be kind to each other. Not just because it it is the holidays but because it is the holidays and they can be rough on the strongest of people. 

Love and light to all!

Author: bcnaat

Blogger of My Life in Pieces - one piece at a time. Mother of 4, grandmother to 4 (5th on the way!), human pet to two obnoxious dogs that I adore.

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