Hanging Purses, Bags and Other Accessories

I am a “vertical vision” type person so I like things hung up where I can see them.

Photo_2016-06-16_06-14-15_PMI have a few purses, not too many, but this also works for a lot of purses as you will see. Just need a closet with space to hang them to do this. I am a “vertical vision” type person so I like things hung up where I can see them. I even hang my tee shirts.

I used shower curtain hooks. I picked them up at the dollar store in a pack of 12. I had a choice between two different weights, opting for the heavier set because some of my purses are heavy and could possibly bent or distort the lighter weight version.

I used two hooks for one purse in this manner so the purses would hang in the correct direction. Bonus is that the balls on the curtain hooks roll along the closet rod easily to help when hanging or removing the purse from the hook.

A single hook can be used to hang belts and dog leashes/accessories. Use two sets for heavier purses/bags, purses with thicker handles or for a bag that you keep your wallets, cosmetic bags and so forth in if you choose to store them in this way.


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