Fat Fingers

Isn’t that another way to describe someone that steals? If so, that isn’t what I mean here. My fingers are just fat right now, as in I can no longer wear small gloves at work. 

I am working again, thank goodness. I am a cook, weird I know. I also cook chicken, even weirder – but its work in all sense of the word. Work hard to earn that money. 

In all honesty the work isn’t that hard, but it is messy and hot. Hot is an understatement with the temps outside being in the 100’s, me over a fryer in an older building with a metal roof and the a/c at work not working right. 

I also spend a lot of time cleaning. Between prep and cooking, a lot of cleaning has to be done in between. So needless to say with it being so hot and my hands being in hot greasy soapy water, I have fat fingers. 

It feels good, though. All that moving around, bending and stretching has this old body feeling better every day. Toss in that I am earning money again doesn’t hurt in the least. Slowly, but surely, getting back on my feet. 

Sincerely thought it was going to kill me at first. So many hours in this heat after sitting at home or in an office for so long took its toll but it is getting easier. Now if we can get the scheduling set I will at least know what I can plan during the week. Working splits isn’t that hard yet it doesn’t allow for much else. I have to shower in between and refuse to go to the store looking like a pig and smelling of fried chicken lol. Not to mention that once I get home and cleaned up I really don’t want to go back out in the heat until its time for work again. Old lady also needs a nap. 

First the owners went on vacation so worked splits two weeks every day. Now they’re scheduling around school. I am the day cook but am currently working the evening shift. We shall see.  

It’s all good, though. I will adapt and adjust. 

Love and light to all!

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