Everything Hurts, Insomnia Sucks And More…

I wish I could say this was a story about love, relationships and such. It is not.

It is about dogs fighting, dogs fucking and cats hating other cats.

Right now I can’t even cough without my ribs/side killing me. I do believe I have cracked a rib or bruised it – can you bruise a rib? For some reason, at night when I go to bed I have these awful coughing fits. I can take a nap in the afternoon and I’m just fine. No coughing and sleep like a baby.

Nighttime, well, its not a pleasant thing in this house lately.

This story is about a lady, her two dogs and a neighborhood of dogs that need to cut her a break. Throw in a few cats for good measure, too.

I wrote about the ‘neighborhood watch’ and that was funny but now it isn’t funny. They are usually good to keep strays from coming down our street, but the strays are outnumbering the ‘watch’ these days. Why, you ask? Because one neighbor has a dog that is in season. A little thing. Cute as can be but runs around with the neighborhood watch.

So, all day long I listen to dogs fighting, and the in season dog yelping as these dogs (including the watch) try to knock her up. Yes, exactly what we need…more ankle biters and strays and…you get the picture.

I have finally taught my dogs, you know the ones in a pen, to stop trying to fight through the fence when the others come up to it. Krissy has scratches on her nose from the fence and the girls get all fired up, and at times fight with each other because they’re so geared up.

Because of this, I have also finally gotten the neighborhood dogs to either walk in front of the house via the road, not my yard, or they cut through the backside of my house and avoid me and the girls.

For those that don’t know me, hearing dogs fight and yelp sets me on edge. I envision blood, torn skin and puncture wounds. In trying to save the strays and abandoned dogs in the world years ago has traumatized me. I’ve seen to much first hand.

So, to stop the outside noise and having worked on keeping my yard safe and stray free I now run around with my earbuds in all day long listening to music or audiobooks. I don’t like having to be mean or yell at the other dogs because they are basically nice dogs, but my blood pressure soars when I hear fighting, growling and yelping. I can’t protect all the dogs so I try to protect myself and my dogs. I can’t change the world but can change my world.

So, now I’ve created another problem. Now that the ‘watch’ doesn’t watch my house I have cats under my house. Wow.

I didn’t hear an actual fight under my house but it appears that two males were under the house and didn’t like each other. It was loud since both males were very verbal. It ranked right up there with a female cat being in season and howling, but this wasn’t howling it was an ears back kind of thing with death to the other in their minds.

Oh, and I can’t sleep with earbuds in my ears. So I just turned up my audiobook and braced myself every time my girls decided to leap across me while trying to figure out where THAT noise was coming from yet again. I couldn’t sleep anyway so at least it gave me something to do during the late hours and early morning. Pretty good book, too.

Back to the coughing. It appears that my old rule, one I couldn’t remember why I put it in place, should still be a rule in my life. I have acid reflux and have been eating later at night and even getting up to score something to eat in the middle of the night. Its causing me to damn near choke, and the coughing stops when I sit up and sip some water. Again, I figure this is the problem since I don’t eat much during the day, only the bigger meal at night. It is shocking how being out of work can muck up your life and not just financially.

Anyhoo, finally got the hip to stop hurting and now to work on this crazy night cough deal.

You would think that I would spend this time not working trying to write instead of what I have been doing – studying and deep cleaning my house. I still need to finish washing the walls, but am recovering from the last round of walls I worked on. Sucks getting old. Strange to be able to hurt yourself doing a simple thing like washing walls. Its good exercise, though and the result is nice.

So now, my friends, it is time to Naproxin up and start on my bedroom walls. Already deep cleaned the rest of the room and the walls beckon me this day…

Love and light to all!

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