How To Merge WordPress Blogs

scenerio: I wanted to merge two WordPress sites into one site. One site was live, the other was a backup.

End result: success

This isn’t nearly as hard as some make it out to be. I promise, but only if you are comfortable with the Find/Replace command. It also doesn’t hurt to have a server running on your computer to test it out first, but not necessary.

Things you will need before starting this project:

  • Computer with internet access
  • Login information from your web provider (not WordPress login) – both sites if different servers
  • WordPress plugin: Updraft
  • FileZilla or other FTP client installed on your computer
  • 7-zip or other file extractor.
  • A text file editor Notepad, Scite or Visual Studio Code (not Wordpad, Word, etc)
  • Login information for your website provider (not WordPress login info)
  • Create a file folder on your desktop for each WordPress site you want to merge
  • Read through all of the following instructions before starting with Step 1.
  • Patience, this may be time consuming

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