Maybe that should be lack of and greatly desire.

I have routines. Little mini ones like everyone has. They can be performed on demand at almost anytime. The routines have variations to meet the need at the moment, like getting out of bed. No dogs in bed with me and I just flip the covers back and get up. Dogs in the bed means I have to shimmy my way out of the bed because they have me pinned under the covers.

Yes, I have many such routines but no rhythm to my day that resembles anything other than random things done throughout the day.

Mom had routines that kept her rhythm and order in her life. I use to but am not sure what happened. I don’t like the random thoughts of “oh, I need to pay bills” or “oh, I need to do laundry” – the latter either because my laundry basket is overflowing or I no clean clothes. Again, usually the latter.

I miss having structure and routine in my life. For way too long my routine has been getting up, getting ready for work, feed the dogs, feed me, go to work, come home, feed the dogs, feed me and go to bed. Repeat.

Usually the “oh I need to” happens after I’ve crawled in the bed. Not quite living I’d say.

Goal: create routines and have rhythm so I can toss some fun things in the mix.

Love and light to all!