Brain Arguments

I feel like I could sleep for month. I keep saying that yet I doubt I could since I can barely sleep or sleep well for even 8 hours. According to my brain I could sleep better if I would exercise for even just 15 minutes, yet my brain cannot convince my body and its brain (lol) to actually do it. My creative side of my brain says “move around the house, dance, plank, stretch – anything. Just do loving movements for a few minutes and my body will love me!” The logical side, the apparently screwed up side, says “but…you might jack up your shoulders again, its too hot, I’m too tired, are you sure that it will help or are you wasting your time.”

Oh well, my head is scary place. Not too scary, just really confusing and at times – let’s be honest – kind of amusing at times. 

So here I sit on a Saturday afternoon wondering where the morning went. Oh, I slept through it. Now I’m rushing with the laundry because I do have to be at work later and have no clean shirts to wear. The lawn didn’t get mowed, the lawn clippings (obviously since they don’t exist yet) didn’t get put in the dog run and the rest of my short to-do list will not get done. I can’t seem to get my mind to slow down enough for me to go to bed at a decent hour even though I am exhausted when I get off work. 

Going to close this post because I have nothing to post about right now. Attempted it today because I am trying to start doing the things that I like doing and stopped for whatever reason and also develop other good habits/traits.

Love and light to all!