Bees, Grease and Propane

Today was one of ‘those’ days at work. Actually it started before work, like right when I woke up.

Woke sick as a dog. I knew that I was going to have to figure something out with allergy meds, like taking the new stuff before bed since it was affecting both my long term and short term memory. This morning I woke up feeling like I hadn’t taken allergy meds in days. So instead of waiting until this evening to try taking the new stuff at night, I took the old stuff at the usual time which is usually shortly after waking up.

I liked the new meds because they don’t amp me up, but don’t like how they make me feel too mellow. They also mess with my autopilot abilities. For example, when I boil out the fryer or just filter the oil I automatically double check the valve to make sure that it is closed. I didn’t double check and when I filled the fryer it leaked a little onto the floor under the fryer. This information will make more sense as to why it matters later in this post.

So glad I took my regular allergy meds today. Really needed my wits about me at work tonight. For starters let get something straight. I am the cook. However, because I get bored they set the schedule so I can run the registers before the next shift comes in and the owners/owners family can go ahead and scoot out of there. So anytime that I talk about cleaning, running registers or stocking the coolers it is simple because I don’t want to hide out in the kitchen with nothing to do for a whole shift. I am mainly there at night to restock the chicken display, fill larger orders and close/clean the kitchen at night.

So it begins…

I get to work, feeling somewhat better, to find that first shift has been in the drink cooler for over 6 hours not just stocking, but organizing it. So I jump in to help. I don’t need to run the registers so my form of helping at this point is to break down the boxes out of the cooler and get them out to the dumpster. Bigger job than I imagined but got her done. Then we noticed the fountain drain wasn’t draining. Will have to work on the tomorrow since I need to clean the outside drain. Cleaned out part of the run but then noticed that out of the blue there was quite a few honey bees around the garbage can out front so my focus had to change to that.

Guessing someone had tossed a super sweet and sticky drink into the can but missed with the liquid part. So I attempted to clean up the sticky stuff off the ground and trap the bees in the trash bag all while trying not to get stung. Sorry to say that many bees did not survive the ordeal, but a majority of them did make it to the dumpster in the garbage bag and were happily flying off when I checked back on them. I also, happy to say, did not get stung nor did any customers

Then I spent the rest of the evening trying to get the kitchen floor cleaned up. We’ve had trouble with our fryer building up debris around the burners. I tried to clean it out under there but couldn’t remove the brace to get the doohickeys out and clean the tracks behind it. Sorry, do not know the technical name for this stuff but did watch a YouTube video on how to do it. We had a guy come out to help us and he got it done but man what a mess there was on my floor. He actually had gotten 99% of it up, but greasy burnt crap wants to stay on the floor. Will work on that again tomorrow. He, the tech, had to call in and find out why in the heck our fryer did that since it shouldn’t, even using LP instead of natural gas. He found out and explained it to me (what I can do to prevent it) so now we both know.

So, here I sit trying to gear down from a hectic night. Not really hectic but did more scrubbing and cleaning than I have had to do in a very long time. Had my shower and now am going to go climb into my bed and listen to it rain.

Love and light to all!