Dog Days

Since I seem to have nothing going on in my life that amuses me I seem to talk about the dogs. Yeah, I need to get out more. So I may be blogging about these doggie induced laughs now.

Some of the funny things that come to mind is the puppy and its mom that live next door. Also in the mix are Liz, Brutus and Baby. Oh, let us not forget my monsters who are Molly, Krissy and Dudley.

Liz and Baby live down in the cove and Brutus lives next door, other next door to the mom and puppy. These three are the neighborhood watch. Will try to catch a picture of them at some point, but for now know that Brutus is a shepherd, Liz is this curly haired dog that could be some kind of collie or shepherd breed, not sure. Baby is a male, answers only to the name “Baby” which upsets his teenage owner, but got to go with what works, right? Baby is a husky mix but is much hairier – solid white. Anyhoo, sweet dogs and they escort, literally, all strays that venture down this street back of to wherever they came from.

Salesmen and such have to use caution. These dogs won’t bite but do a great barking show at them and their cars when they show up. Stranger danger? I don’t mind it.

The mom and puppy are too cute. Little ankle biter sized cuteness. The puppy likes to come up to the fence and bark at the girls. Just the other day it came up all excited and running home from the cove. Ran through the yard in front of the pen and Molly, startled, started barking at the puppy. Scared the beejesus out of the puppy and it ran, not home, but around the pen, behind my house and out the back side down into the cove again.

The funniest part is that it scared the poor little thing so much it was yelping like a scalded dog all the way. I didn’t mean to, but couldn’t help myself, but laughed until I cried. Might be a location joke type deal, had to be there or whatever, but it was funny as hell – the whole situation.

Of course, the neighborhood watch was in the cove but ran up this way to see what was happening and protect the puppy. Baby guarded the puppy in the cove while Brutus and Liz searched the back of my yard for whatever had caused the poor puppy to yelp and run like that. They were out back because that is where they caught up with the puppy, and had no idea what was going on but man were they ready, on guard and checking everything out.

Now they are driving me crazy because it is pickup day for a couple of trash companies and unfortunately the neighborhood watch chases the trucks. They chase cars, too. Scares me because they follow them up onto the other roads and I’m afraid they are going to get hit.

Even the puppy and the mom will follow them onto these roads. Makes me a little angry with the owners. Also they make me upset (the dogs) when they come up to the fence when my dogs are out and agitate them. I thought Molly was biting Krissy on the nose, making those scrapes and scratches on her nose but discovered that she (Krissy) runs at the fence and pokes her nose through. The fence is gouging and cutting and scraping her nose. Go figure.

Oh well, those are my dog adventures for this post. There are more, so many more. Lola will be involved at some point since she is very much in the picture for Dudley. Lola, by the way, is a stuffed Lion. Dudley is an intact male so let your imagination roam with that one.

Love and light to all!