Buckle Up Buttercup

…aka Don’t Lose Hope, it is all you have left.

I tell myself this every morning and many times during the day. 

I don’t really know where to start on this post which means I have no idea what it is actually going to be about. Just writing because it is one of the few things I have left going for me. That in itself is kind of funny since this blog is nothing to anyone but me, and I often wonder why I even bother. It no longer means much to me but I have it so I will use it.

I sit here wondering how the hell to find work. No, finding jobs available is easy. Scoring one is the hard part. I am currently registered with 3 temporary services. Although it appears that most employers out here use agencies to find temporary or temp-to-hire employees these days, I work so randomly that it is scary. I have become so desperate that I take jobs that just about kill me physcially. Like my last one. Sure I can work 12 hour days, I think, yet truth be told I can’t – not there. I kept thinking that if I just stuck with it I would get use to standing in one spot, my body would adjust. Nope. All I’ve managed to do is jack up my neck, back, shoulders and even my feet. Toss in that working on this job requires that you understand Spanish or learn to ask questions in various ways because instruction are literally lost in translation.

For example: ‘check the expiration date and lot number to make sure they are correct’ was lost on me since the product literally just came out of the packing system so why would it have a wrong date/lot number. Okay, so I do know a little Spanish and overheard one hispanic telling another, in Spanish, the routine to package the finished products into boxes. Basically you take 5 or 10 pieces, check that the lot number and expiration date are clear then hit them with your hand to make sure they are sealed correctly. 

Not hard, until you’ve done this for 4 hours, standing in one spot on concrete, standing around a table with 10 or more ladies while the packers constantly dump more product into the center of the table pretty much giving you a square foot of space on the table to do the above, put them in a box and stack the boxes completed in the same spot. 

Then you go home to shower off the Swiss Chocolate and/or Raspberry Lemonade out of your clothes and off your body. The dogs are still licking the stuff off my shoes. I did wear a mask or would have been blowing this powder crap out of my nose. I really felt for those that wore glasses. Constantly having to wash their glasses because it wanted to accumulate on the inside of the lenses (someone said it is the moisture from your body that makes it do that).  

Wish I could have stuck with it. They work 12 hours a day there, usually weekend as well. Nice money but a job I simply cannot do. 

Now I am waiting on new assignments. In the meantime I am going to find an agency east of where I live. Maybe if I register with a couple more I will stay in work – hell at least be working. 

And, the chiggers are back. I’ve sprayed the yard but that doesn’t seem to help. The ants are trying to take over my home and I just cleaned up after one dog that decided to toss her cookies in the living room. Apparently it contained everything she had eaten in the last 24 hours. 

I am not losing hope, though. I am proud that I can apply (and actually own) Calamine lotion and didn’t toss my own cookies while cleaning the mess the dog made up. I have more fun trying to identify whether a bite is from a spider, flea, chigger, mosquito or ant on various locations on my body. I have one in my arm pit. Such fun. Thank goodness I haven’t gotten poison oak, ivy or sumac … yet.

I have been reading LinkedIn articles on resume writing and discovered that I do need to list all of my experience, period. Possibly even take off my high school attendance since that dates me. It also dates me because I still apply the old school principals of writing a resume – therefore it reads like an ad for a job listing instead of listing my talents in general. 

Oh well. I have been thinking about death too much lately. I’m pissy because I am still alive and can’t figure all of this out but more about people I have lost over all my years. I obviously have way too much time on my hands. Some days I feel 16 and others I feel my 56 years. It is depressing and frustrating.

So I am off to figure out what possibly made Krissy sick. I haven’t sprayed the yard this week, still filter their water and they are eating the same dog food they’ve been eating for months. 

On a good note I am finally able to move my head again. Luckily when my shoulders and neck locked up the pain was minimal so it didn’t put me back in the ER again. I have also not taken clippers to my hair – which has been a trial in itself. It is finally long enough that I can just pull it into a pony tail and go on with my day. Takes me a good hour to dry and straighten it. Hot rollers simply do not control the frizzy curly mess my hair is left to its own devices.

Time to brave the heat. No, not the heat – the humidity. 

Love and light to all!

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