Goal: Read 100 books by the end of 2016, and as of today, June 14th, I have already read 124 books so the new goal is 200.

This was a goal to read that many books starting in April but that isn’t going well since I have so many books and read them more than once so I am changing this to what I’ve read this year, by author, not by the month. This is also due to the fact that I cannot remember to write down what I’ve read as I finish another book. I just know that I read it. So now it is by author…

Please note that some are audio books, some ebooks and other physical books. Some series I burned out on because I’ve already read them or just got bored and then others I can’t find in audio/ebook format through the library so I’ve skipped around in the series unfortunately missing some.

Because the list is so long I have made a PDF of the list if you care to see what I’ve read.

You can find that HERE.