One Thing Leads To Another

I don’t care how old you are a little giddy feeling now and again is a-okay.


I love it when I go to bed and am so fired up about my plans for the next day that I can’t sleep. Then, when the alarm goes off I hit the snooze a couple of times, then eventually just say ‘screw it’ and shut the alarm off. Its my day off and I’m not longer fired up about my plans for the day.


Ms. Paris has evolved into another personality. I have mixed emotions about it. I love that she is coming out of her shell and is more trusting. Trusting as in she doesn’t feel the need to bite and scratch you every time you come near her. She also doesn’t feel the need to run and hide when you come near her.

On the one hand, now she won’t get out of my chair, or move on the bed when I try to get in it. She has also become super picky about what I feed her, how I feed her and where I put her food and water bowl.

On the other hand she is funny as hell. G bought her some catnip toys a few months ago. I bought her some fresh catnip so we can refill it. I don’t care how old you are a little giddy feeling now and again is a-okay. Period.


We also, despite the many bites and scratches, attempt to play with her. According to the shelter she has arthritis so we try to keep her moving. Not to mention that she was a little overweight from living in a cage for over a year.

A few days ago I bought a laser pointer. I didn’t know if she could even see the thing much less follow it. We were pleasantly surprised. Now she comes down the stairs and watches the wall and floor to see if the magic dot will appear. She will chase that thing until I can no longer hold the button down. She is slowly but surely learning to retract her claws when she gets excited. Now she is only sticky kitty when she is actually chasing the light.