Winners And Losers

Are you a winner or are you a loser? I have no idea what I am since I don’t consider 99% of what I do a game or a competition.

If my back and I were in a competition, my back would be winning so I guess I’m a loser when it comes to back pain. However every day it feels so much better so I may be a winner in this case after all.

If my job was a competition or a game, I’d be a winner. I kind of like what I do even though I don’t do it all that well most days. I do have a good time talking with customers and helping them decide which carrier to use, phone to get or even with finding an accessory or gadget they want or need.

I am having a time (good or bad, haven’t decided yet) learning MP3 players and how the headphones rate and so forth.

I also enjoy the challenge of finding a movie for customers even though I don’t really know where things are in that department, but I am learning. So in the game of work – I consider myself a winner.

One place I don’t care for winning/losing is in every day life while driving my truck or at home. I was cussed out yesterday. Yep, cussed out while driving.

I had my window down and a man was approaching the crosswalk. I was already upon the crosswalk as he was beginning to step out into the road – the other side of the road – and when I passed him, he began cussing at me and then he stood in the lane cussing me while holding his Duncan Donuts coffee in his hand, and blocking traffic.  I don’t know what is worse – the fact that I let it bother me or how long he stood in the road yelling at me even though I couldn’t hear him but could still see him in my rear view mirror.

Apparently I’m a loser at driving. I drive the speed limit, haven’t had a wreck in years and don’t try to run over pedestrians (even though some of them I would like to – just being honest). For some reason it got to me. I wish I could say that will be the last time someone cusses me out, but …  I hope, however, that this will be the last time that it affects me this way.

I am also learning when to bring up certain subjects at home. Better yet, what is taboo to talk about. Apparently anything containing a question about any legal document, bill or money plans are NEVER to be spoken about in this house.

I was cussed out in the end for simply asking what a line from a legal document possibly meant. That lead quickly to naming sources for legal representation and an untimely laugh from me on one suggestion. Which in turn made me out to be a bad person that wasn’t smart enough to figure anything out and dismissed suggestions and recommendations from someone trying to help.**

Okay, so according to the game of life I am a loser at most things. Strangely enough I am for the most part a happy person so I guess winning isn’t always everything.

I hope that this loser keeps losing at some things in life. I want to lose when it comes to the misery game, you know the one who tries to be the most miserable. I also want to lose at the make other people’s lives miserable game. In fact, that one I won’t even play. You can try to get me to play, but you will win and yes, you are more miserable and pitiful than I am.

I will never know as much pain, sadness or other bad life events that others have – if I have I don’t want to remember much less continue to have those things.


One recommendation was turning to the church. As many know and others may not know is that I do believe in God, however, I don’t buy into the organized religion thing. I’m not an atheist or antichrist, just not religious. I am not a hypocrite so please don’t be offended when someone says “turn to the church, its free help” and I laugh at the hypocrisy of the idea – of me turning to the church.

Please don’t get all ‘fired’ up over that one. I know that the church helps so many people. Honestly and sincerely helps people. The hypocrisy is in that I don’t believe in these churches (organized religion), so the idea of me turning to one made me laugh. That’s right up there with me saying I don’t believing in hospitals but going to one when I needed medical care.