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So we know that I am on dating sites. Have had a little luck but not really. A couple of nice dates and a ton of questions unanswered. I have come to the conclusion that these guys either need a place to stay or want to see how much money they can get out of you. 

I did encounter MH who is upset that I wouldn’t gift card him $500. I believe this is another one:

Right now the only place (9a CST) that it is Monday is Australia and it is like 1a there. And the spelling nazi in me cringed and the grammar/punctuation queen piled on shortly thereafter. 

There was another one that messaged me with “would you relocate for the right person?” My reply, “would you?”. Their response, “good luck”. 

Until my subscriptions run out I will keep posting here about the crap I encounter on these sites. I have some free ones too but won’t hold my breath – hard to do when you’re laughing. 

There are some good guys on these sites, too. I am, however, going to start going out into the world and meeting people. I’m pretty sure my life partner is at the library, the Internet cafe, or even at the grocery store. Might meet them at school or even at a gas station. 

My goal right now is to figure out how to score a job online instead of a life partner. 

Love and light to all!

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