420 Ramblings

I think I need to start smoking weed* so I can calm my crazy self down a little.

To the man who thinks that my front porch is his office, it isn’t. Get off my porch and take your phone call somewhere else. Even the other end of the porch would be awesome.

I dreamed I bought a car. It was only $200, brand new. It resembled a wallet on wheels. Guess that means that right now isn’t the time for me to be looking for a newer car.

Which is a testimonial as to why you should be cautious when buying a used vehicle. I don’t want to mess with fixing mine. I have a cracked windshield, rusted tail pipes, a brake that is now officially eating away at my rotor, need two rear shocks (I still have sand bags in the bed to stabilize the rear end so it doesn’t feather my rear tires) and a tune up. I’m afraid to find out what else it needs.

Also a testimonial to my ability to prioritize things in my life. Instead of fixing any of the above, I now have contacts, new clothes and a different phone. Go me…

Have not been working on my 3in30 goals. Bad me. When I write things down, I begin to forget them and worry about other things. How on earth can I organize my thoughts? I did manage to apply part of a goal. I still don’t balance my checkbook every day. However, I don’t write things down because I have so many receipts. I have been consolidated shopping lately. I have 10 receipts for the whole week and don’t need anything right now. Go me!

In my quest to stop eating ice cream, I have discovered Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Go figure – as in don’t ask how that happened AND bye bye figure.

I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary with Best Buy. I still love my job!

*I can’t smoke weed. It smells awesome but it makes me throw up.

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  1. Depends on where you live. I used to live in southern California, and there was a moilbe auto glass company that replaced windshields right at your place of business or your home. Many windshields cost in the range of $ 100 from this company, while other auto repair shops charged $ 400 and up for the same thing. Make a few phone calls via your yellow pages to get an idea.

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