3in30 Update

2013 is definitely going to be different for me. One day at a time, one step at a time, or one second at a time. It will be different because I want it to be different.

Here it is the 17th, and I’m not as on target with my 3in30 goals as I had hoped.

  • Be impeccable* with my word (just the truth ma’am, nothing but the truth)

Being honest has its drawbacks. Seriously, some major drawbacks but in the long run it has been good for me and those around me. I have to admit to my mistakes and also not lie to others when they ask me a question. It can also be as scary as hell at times.

How many times have you gotten upset because someone told you what you wanted to hear and not the truth? It happens more times than we are aware, and we do it just as often as others do it to us.

This has caused some major fights, yes they were fights, because I no longer tolerate being told what he thinks I want to hear AND I’m not longer telling him what I think he wants to hear. I check him on things, with patience, kindness and love. I also have to deal with “I thought you didn’t mind…”

Now we have moved from fighting about these things to discussing them. Our trust level in each other has grown by leaps and bounds. We are realizing that we no longer have to always assume things, be hurt by what we thought were truths but were only us thinking out loud, and learning about each other along with respecting each other’s hopes, dreams, desires and fears.

It takes being aware of what comes out of our mouths. Plain and simple. Being aware.

  • FACE – financial awareness

This is an ongoing issue with me. I’m calling it an issue because there are so many factors involved with my spending. Emotional spending is my number one enemy.

Life events are major controlling factors in my spending. I often think I need to 12-step my money habits because they are more of an addiction in the sense that I am happy, go treat myself. I am sad, spend to make myself feel better. Mood altering/enhancing spending.

For months I lived alone on my own paycheck, occasionally borrowing from family and friends to get me through some tight times. I paid my own rent, fueled my own truck and bought my own clothes and groceries. Even adopted a cat along the way and have taken care of her. (Unforeseen medical expenses were my downfall this last time)

Things have changed and I’m back to spending money like there is no tomorrow because I’m more secure in where I live, who I live with and am honestly, a little too happy and not focusing on what is truly important.

Now that the honeymoon phase is over, and no I’m not married, I am looking back at the past weeks at how my emotions (super happy and content) have caused me to spend money on foolish celebrating type things.

I live rent free, have a cellphone bill-free and groceries, free. I am only responsible for fueling my truck and buying smokes (will be a future goal, be a non-smoker). Why in the heck am I broke the day before payday? Celebrating is expensive.

I have yet another chance to set things on course again with this paycheck tomorrow. I will stay focused and apply the goals that I’ve set for how the money will be spent. I also realize that tax time is upon us and I need to stay focused because I will have a return to deal with as well.

I downloaded the “GOOD Book” from a website that has helped me re-identify my inner brat, name her, claim her and take control of her. Well, I’m working on the controlling her. She is, after all, pretty sneaky.

I do love to buy for others. If I see something that I think you will enjoy, I buy it. Most recently it was something as silly as I bought G some more thermal underwear instead of buying sand for the bed of my truck. Thank goodness G realized that I didn’t have enough sand in my truck and he bought some and put it in there for me.

I see that this worked out well this time, however what if he hadn’t bought the sand for my truck – would I be resentful because I did for him and he didn’t do for me? Probably – my silly inner child likes to throw blame away from herself. Honestly, G didn’t need those extra sets of thermals, I just wanted him to have them. I, on the other hand, did NEED extra sand in the bed of my truck.

It takes being aware of what moods control what we purchase and why. Plain and simple, being aware.

  • Yoga, begin doing yoga again

This hasn’t been easy. I haven’t done any yoga or other stretching exercises in so long that I have to be patient with myself since I can no longer stretch and bend like I did a year or more ago.

This also has nothing to do with my age, but the fact that I haven’t done it in so long. It took several trips to the chiropractor along with massage therapy to get the stiffness out of my neck and back so I could simply turn my head side to side, and now I’m working on keeping the stiffness out and trying to be patient with myself on the flexibility.

I’m not talking about doing the splits or backbends. Nope, would just like to be able to touch my toes again instead of just being able to touch my knees.

I did get ahead of myself these past few weeks. I spent money on my prize for doing yoga BEFORE actually doing it. That was my inner brat bribing me. Instead all it managed to do was overwhelm me.

It takes being aware of our own bodies and its limits so we can move past those limits. Plain and simple, being aware.


I have to remind myself that I didn’t get this way over night so I can’t fix it all over night either.

Patience dear Kay, have patience with yourself.

2013 is definitely going to be different for me. One day at a time, one step at a time, or one second at a time. It will be different because I want it to be different.

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