3in30 for April

I haven’t worked my 3in30 since August of last year. It shows.

I let the new habits go and reverted back to many of my old behaviors.

For April my goals are:

  • Balance my checkbook every day.
  • Exercise every day.
  • Work on my blogging at least twice a week.

These are important to me. The first one the most important.

Why these goals?

I never seem to know how much is in my checking account at any given time. Worse is that I have no idea where my money is going.

I quit exercising. I even quit doing my yoga stretches. I can feel it and it is also beginning to show. I will be 50 this month (April) and it is becoming more and more important that I take care of this old girl (aka my body). I want it to last me for as long as I have left and I am tired of feeling it scream at me every time I wake up in the morning or even try to get up off a couch.

I love to blog. I love to write. Why don’t I do that any more? This is one change in my life that I don’t want to lose forever.

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